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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 54.3%

A:   114   Joined
B:   96   Not Joined

Welcome to the Nordhoff High School Class Of 1967 web site! 

In addition to the 1967 graduates of Nordhoff Union High School in Ojai, California, this web site also includes anyone who was part of our class in 1964-65, 1965-66, or 1966-67

We dedicate this site to our senior class secretary,  Marcia Litoff Forsberg. A self proclaimed "reunion junkie" with infectious enthusiasm, she has been instrumental in bringing class members together from far corners of the world.

Check back often to see what has been added, changed, or upgraded.


The Missing

I would very much appreciate your assistance in contacting our classmates that are on the missing list. I can only imagine that some of the people are not with us anymore. I know some do not want to be contacted (for one reason or another). I would like to keep a point of contact for everybody. A point of contact could be a telephone number, eMail address, a physical address or even a contact person.

If a name is on the Missing Classmate list, then we do not have any contact information on them.


The Non-Responsive

There are quite a few classmates that have chosen not to join our site. I am sure there are different reasons for that choice. I would like to make sure that it is by choice that they have not joined rather than... some other reason.

If one of our classmates choses not to receive email through the website or US Postal Service then we do not force the issue. But I would like to keep them in our private data base so that we can provide them with class information.


The Proposal

The 50th Reunion for Nordhoff’s Great Class of 1967




Friday, October 20

Golf Tournament and
Ice Breaker

Soule  Park Golf Course and

Soule Park Golf Course Club  House


Soule Park Golf Course and

Topa Mountain Winery

Saturday, October 21 (Day Time)

Visit 24th Annual Ojai Day

Downtown Ojai and Libby Park


Dinner *

To be determined (see below)

Sunday, October 22

(12  to 5 pm)

BBQ * *

Ventura County Soule Park

* Dinner time location has not been selected. Until we get some answers back the contestants are:

  1. Ojai Art Center with catered meal
  2. Ojai Woman’s Club with catered meal
  3. Azu Restaurant & Bar
  4. (Topa Mountain Winery with catered meal) NOT available for private parties on Saturdays.

Meal selections will have: Appetizers, Salad, Main Course w/veggies and rolls, Dessert

By prior selection at registration there will be a 3 tier assortment.

* * BBQ: this function is being arranged by a committee consisting of several different classes. It is NOT the Nordhoffian. It is: T.O.O. (The Other Ojai) BBQ. 


Did you find some of those Photographs, Slides or Memorabilia that we can use to expose some of the secrets of the last century?

If you found some treasures, lets get together and scan said subject material?  

Does anybody want to get together and digitize our... memories...?



Attempting to meet with new Soule Park  management this week.


Update to follow not later than June 30.