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Cherin Pridmore (Willett)

Cherin Pridmore (Willett)

    Cherin Pridmore  

Cherin Marie Willett (nee: Pridmore)

October 9, 1949 - March 27, 2017

WILLETT, Cherin Marie October 9, 1949 - March 27, 2017 Cherin Marie Willett (née Pridmore) passed away at home on Monday, March 27, 2017, after a brief yet fierce struggle with cancer. Per her final wishes, she was surrounded by and held hands with loving family and cherished friends, heard the laughter of her grandchildren and her favorite music, enjoyed the smells of many home-cooked meals, and ate her fill of chocolate pudding. Cherin embodied peaceful grace, and moved through life with genuine enthusiasm and compassion. She loved the arts, hiking and biking in Sonoma County, reading with her book club, road trips, hummingbirds, crochet and sewing. In fact, for the past few years she had been on a mission to make pajamas for everyone. Cherin was born in San Pedro, California, on October 9, 1949, to William and Therese Pridmore. She grew up in Ojai, California, and showered her four younger sisters - Kathleen, Christine, Karen, and Connie - with attention and affection. She married Patrick Willett shortly after graduating high school in 1967, and gave birth to her only child, Sean Jason Willett, in 1969. Although she and Pat divorced, Cherin remained close with the entire Willett family, especially sister-in-law, Rochelle, for her entire life. She settled in Boulder, Montana in the early 70s, working as an aide to the developmentally disabled, and met longtime companion, Joseph Haak. They relocated to Sonoma County in 1985, briefly living at the former Robin Williams ranch, and remained together until the early 90s. After managing the Napa Valley estate of Francis Ford Coppola, Cherin attended Santa Rosa Junior College, and graduated with a BA from Sonoma State University - alongside her son - in 1992. She earned her Master's Degree in Social Work from Sacramento State University, and eventually became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. For the past 15 years, Cherin worked for Sonoma County providing counseling and support for those in need. She just retired last August and was looking forward to spending more time with her four grandchildren and four sisters, as well as her friends. She was also eager to see the world with Richard Miller, her partner of 17 years, who will honor her memory by visiting their favorite destinations. Cherin is survived by her son, Jason, and daughter-in-law, Joscelyn; grandchildren Sean, Skyler, Autumn, and Bridger; sisters Kathleen, Christine, Karen, and Connie; partner Richard Miller; and extended family and friends far too numerous to count. There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate Cherin: indulge in a favorite hobby, pastime, or activity; reach out and help someone who is struggling; practice kindness in the checkout line; visit Spring Lake; join a book club; ride the Tour de Fuzz; go wine tasting; garden; love your life. Family and close friends are invited to attend a commemoration at The Villa at 3901 Montgomery Drive in Santa Rosa on Saturday, April 29, from 1:30-3 p.m.

Published Online in the (Santa Rosa) Press Democrat from Apr. 23 to Apr. 24, 2017


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04/05/17 12:45 PM #3    

Dianne Larson (Hicks)

Well, I have to say I feel NUMB.

Cherin and I caught back up with each other in Santa Rosa in 1998-99 and it was fun.  Then I moved to Colorado to establish residence near Boulder where my son was going to College in 2000.l

Pretty hard to imagine the raging cancer taking her like that.  Her son Sean, wife and children must be feeling very devastated.  My heart goes out to them.

Her high school trials and tribulations were tough.  Bless her.  May she rest in peace and dance up a storm where she's gone.

Dianne Larson Hicks

04/05/17 04:42 PM #4    

Therese Lynne (TERRI, Please!) Haase (Davis)

This is so terribly sad...I can't begin to express the hurt I feel for her family. Haven't seen her sister, Kathy, for quite awhile and that's how I always kept up with how Cherin was doing. Had no clue she was battling a tumor....and now I feel quilty for not picking up the phone to give Cherin a quick phone call! If someone pops into your mind, give them a call, a hand written note.....It makes me feel good that she's in a happy place and might bump into my son! One never you, Cherin.....we were great friends while in school, fun times I'll never forget. 

04/05/17 11:13 PM #5    

Pam Mageors (Townsend)

Cherin was the most loving person I have ever known.  She always made one feel like they were the most important person she knew when visiting with them.  She was loving, respectful, honest, and so caring.  This earth is missing a vibrant soul.  What an honor to have known her.  May God bless, keep, and hold you in His loving arms.

04/06/17 09:11 AM #6    

Charlie Poulis

      I am very sadened to hear about Cherin leaving us . This is the second time that I have had to say good bye to her . Most wouldn't know but back in 2000 I woke up one morning on a Saturday here in Mt.Shasta Ca. and was thinking about Cherin and wanted to call her . I called her Mom in Ojai on Park Road and she gave me Cherin's phone # in Santa Rosa . I called Cherin and we hooked up . She came up to Mt.Shasta and it became a Whirl Wind romance . It was a long distance relationship that lasted about a year . We fell in Love and would go back and forth on the weekends . I was with Cherin when she obtained her license to be a Social Worker . She then became very busy with her work and decided it was best for us both that we broke up . It was very sad for me when she got up one morning here in Mt.Shasta and said she had to leave and that it wasn't ny fault . I never saw her again . It was months later when I figured out what had happened and knew that Cherin was right on what was best for the both of us . Even though , it still hurt . I have been looking forward to seeing her at our 50th reunion and now she's gone . Just a week or so ago I was thinking about her and got out the shoe box with all of her things that she had given me . It must have been about the time of her passing . The box is filled with pictures of us together and the many cards that she sent me . When we were apart I think she sent a card everyday telling me how much she loved me . I will miss her a lot and can only hope that she is now at peace . I'm sure that she has touched many hearts in her life and we can be thankfull for that ! Take Care All ! Charlie Poulis

04/06/17 09:31 AM #7    

Penny Misbeek (Vaughn)

I am reminded of a time when Cherin, Kathy, myself and sister Nancy played all day together at their house on Park Road or ours on Matilija. Hours we spent together until dark ! I  hold those memories as they are an important part of my life's story. She's apart of that story.

   My condolences to her family and closest friends. The loss will take time to heal. But the space that was once occupied by Cherin will always full of memories of her.


04/09/17 06:15 PM #8    

Rhonda Harrison (Odegard)

Hi Everyone,

I had the opportunity to be best friends with Cherin the last 15 years in Santa Rosa. We saw each other weekly and more often after she retired. We enjoyed walks around Spring Lake where we shared a lot about our life's experiences, being a parent, etc. It was a shock to all of us, her son Jason and her grandchildren and her partner Richard, and sisters, when this cancer took over her body so suddenly. She had only been retired 3 months.We had plans on going to the 50th reunion together and seeing our old friends. Before Cherin died her hair was very long. With Chemo she was told she would loose it all. So she cut it to her shoulders, just like in high school. Within 3 days it was all gone. That was a real hard thing for her to loose that hair. I felt helpless, I just wish I could have helped her. Most of all, know that she is in a good place and there is no more pain.

Cherin was such a wonderful friend. Kind, considerate, loving and patient with life's ups and downs. We really felt like sisters to each other. We held each others hands through many of life's turmoils. She comforted me whenever I had one of many fractures. 3 years ago we were hiking on a dark trail in Annadel State Park. As we were heavy in conversation I tripped on a rock and went down. I was in deep pain, and way out of cell phone range. I had fractured my pelvis. I put my arm around Cherin and we hobbled out very slowly. Later I was told I should of waited for an ambulance. If you remember Cherin, she is not real tall, maybe 5'3" and I'm clearly 5 inches taller than her. It really quite a burden for her, but she was very patient and kind about the whole thing. We were able to joke about it later.

I have spoken to several of Cherin's work friends that were also fellow clinical social workers and they spoke so highly of her work as a therapist. It was a very stressful job for her and she took the work very seriously.

I was glad to hear from Charley as that is when Cherin and I  re-connected. One day I saw her walking around Spring Lake and it was with Charley. And I said, that is Cherin. I thought I had seen her other times but it had been so many years and I couldn't imagine she would be living in the same town as me. But Charley mentioned 2010, I think it was earlier than that.

Most of all I'm going to miss the great connection we had. We we there for each other when things just got too topsy turvey. 

If anybody has any good stories or memories to share, I can forward them on to her family.

See you all at the 50th.

Blessings to you all. Take care of your health and make everyday count likes it's the last.

Rhonda Harrison Odegard 

04/10/17 05:00 PM #9    

Charlie Poulis

Hi All Again ! Was sure glad to hear from Rhonda on here . Glad that Cherin and her became such good friends and she got to spend so many years with her . Wanted to let Rhonda know that it was the year 2000 , seventeen years ago when I had spent time with Cherin . I looked back at the cards that she had sent me . I kind of remember walking around that lake and we ran in to someone one day . It must have been you , Rhonda .  I also wanted to comment on what Terri Hasse Davis had said in her comments about Cherin about reaching out and touching someone when you think of them . That was exactly what happened to me with Cherin . I was so glad to have had that time with Cherin . It was special !...Charlie Poulis

04/13/17 04:59 PM #10    

Rhonda Harrison (Odegard)

Dear Classmates,

I found out that Cherin's memorial will be on April 29th at 1:30pm at the Villa Restaurant in Santa Rosa. If your interested please come and share memories. If you can't, please share things you remember on this site and I will forward to the family.

Hope to see you there, Rhonda

04/14/17 08:39 AM #11    

Virginia Regan (Parke)

Rhonda, I am so sorry I will not be able to attend as I will be at Donna Saenz memorial here in Ojai the same day.  Please give her family my sympathy and prayers in this sad, sad time.  She left us way to early. Cherin was a great friend and we had many memorable times together.  I called and talked to Cherin last year and because I go up that way almost every year, I promised her that sometime this year I would come to see her,unfortunately I did not know she was sick or I would have tried to get up their sooner.  

Every day is a gift and I am making it a priority of trying to touch base with old friends because as I have found out, your life can change in the "blink of an eye".  RIP Cherin, you will be greatly missed and thought of often.

04/26/17 11:31 AM #12    

Beverly Torjusen (Dobbs)

God bless Cherin, her family, and friends. I am inspired by her accomplishments and dreams and saddened they were cut so short.  Our families were close friends as our dads worked together at Shell Chemical.  I just remember a house full of girls and take-charge Cherin doing her best!  I will never forget her kindness and sincere interest in everyone she met.

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